Turn your iPhone into a Magnifying glass!

  • Features:
  • Use the ENTIRE iPhone screen as a BIG magnifying glass
  • Magnify at 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x zoom levels
  • Fluid zooming animations for a pleasant user experience
  • Freeze the current image with a single tap
  • Show and hide the buttons with a simple tap
  • Automatically focuses the built-in camera
  • Turn on the iPhone 4 flash/torch for viewing in low-light situations. NOTE: Continued use of this feature may dramatically decrease battery life.Use the front-facing camera so you can use BigMagnify as a magnified mirror
  • Can switch between left-handed and right-handed button modes
  • NOTE: Requires an iOS device with a focusing camera (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch).
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD if your iOS device doesn’t have a camera
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32 Responses to BigMagnify

  1. achapman says:

    Hi Dave – this app is brilliant! Could you consider the ability to take a screenshot and add to camera roll by tapping and holding on the screen or via a new button? My son’s primary school class is going to use it in class and this would be a great feature.

    • Glad you’re finding the app to be useful! I have screenshots and sharing (including saving to camera roll) planned to release sometime in January. Sorry for the delay on this … I do this in my spare time so I appreciate your patience.

  2. Anne Moran says:

    Help. Big magnify Does not work with ios8. Only green screen!

    • Sorry for the inconvenience! You can go into your iPhone Settings->Privacy->Camera and make sure it’s enabled for BigMagnify. I have a fix for this in an upcoming update, along with a bunch of other improvements.

  3. Lys says:

    My iPhone 6 screen when using the app is suddenly & inexplicably green so won’t magnify. What can I do? Always a useful app and many friends impressed and using. Thanks

    • Sorry for the inconvenience! You can go into your iPhone Settings->Privacy->Camera and make sure it’s enabled for BigMagnify. I have a fix for this in an upcoming update, along with a bunch of other improvements.

  4. NoGlasses says:

    Wowza – an updated Big Magnify? Now that sounds iike Christmas 🙂

    Dave, if so, please fix the brightness slider to no longer overlap with other controls making it impossible to use them. Thanks for this supertool that I use so often!

    • Unfortunately, I won’t be able to release it until after Christmas. I hope to release it in early January.

      The brightness slider is already fixed. I’ve added other goodies, like sharing, filters, video stabilization, tap-hold to focus and manual focus.

  5. NoGlasses says:

    Just in case you have no iPhone 6: the new focus pixels removed the terrible focus pumping completely. The magnifyer therefore works better than ever, and I don’t use the fixed focus anymore 🙂

    Only in dark environment that system fails. Would the value of manual focus be saved and set on next use automatically? That sounds like the feature I waited for a loooong time…

  6. NoGlasses says:

    Hi Dave,
    sorry, but BM gave me a really hard time after the update. I was already in the process of going back to the old version when I understood two issues better. Here are my biggest ones:

    1. BM now deafult to focus locked mode. Why doesn’t it remember the previous state? As explained above thanks to focus pixels I usually don’t need the fixed focus feature anymore.

    2. BM does not set the former light value which was set with the slider. Everytime you switch the torch on it comes up in full power, no matter where the slider is. Touching the slider will then immeditaley set the correct value.

    This is especially annoying as reducing the light power is one of the best features with the torch. At full brigthness the pic is always overloaded and not readable. Fully reduced power is the best setting which works in all cases. But right now we always get the opposite.

    Two more notes:
    – saving the current focus state works perfectly. Unfortunately I needed a long time to find out how that works, and IMHO many others will never. A different symbol or text (Store) is needed beside the slider.

    – IMHO the anti-shake feature is 50% too strong. The big delay makes it very cumbersome to find the correct camera position.

    Hope to hear from you soon (and BTW, nice new website!)

  7. NoGlasses says:

    One more:
    – Why does activating anti-shake automatically turn off the torch? Is that really intentional?

  8. NoGlasses says:

    – saving the current focus state works perfectly.
    I have to take that back. After furthing fiddling with it I still don’t know how to do that. Sometimes it remembers the last focus setting, sometines not.

    • Thank you, once again, for all your wonderful feedback!
      – I’ll look into issues with remembering the focus state/mode.
      – Good point about the default torch intensity. A lower default makes sense.
      – The torch turning off when activating anti-shake is a bug. I’ll look into that ASAP.

  9. Kelsey says:

    Hi Dave. I love this app. I’m visually impaired and I love the focus feature. Id really like to see this concept turned into electronic glasses. The first setting could just be off mode and to turn them on turn it to one of the other modes. I could draw up examples of you want. If you found a way to make something up like that I’d be more than happy to test them out. Just throwing that out there.

  10. NoGlasses says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for further improving the latest BigMagnify. I just noticed something in 302 which might be useful to know when fixing the torch and focus problems. Do this: tap on the torch symbol (torch starts at full power), then put your finger on the slider button but DO NOT move it. A quarter of a second later the function exits and focus setting takes over. That looks like a bug as the torch slider area should be excluded from the focus function area (the rest of the display) while active.

  11. NoGlasses says:

    Wow – how did the update from today pass the App store check? It crashes on start on both my iPhone 6 and iPad air. I deleted, reinstalled – still crashes. Epic fail!

    • Shoot, that is really bad, so sorry for the issues!

      Does it still crash if you restart your device? Which version of iOS are you using? I’ll look into it ASAP, but I don’t have any crash reports to look at on my end at this point.

  12. NoGlasses says:

    It also crashes after restart. I can send you crash reports if you give me an email…

  13. NoGlasses says:

    Dave, the save focus setting bug is still waiting for a fix. That must be a really simple fix as the function itself works. Is there an update coming soon, or do we have to wait another year for the next version of BigMagnify?

    • Sorry for the delay in this. Life has gotten really busy.

      I just submitted an update to Apple today with a fix for that. Hopefully it’ll be live in a week or so. Thanks for your patience.

  14. NoGlasses says:

    Still doesn’t work. I can’t believe that you fixed the ‘state’ only, but not the amount of focus. Wheneever BM is started the locked focus falls back to the outer fader position (full yunusable as you have top move the iPhone far away from the object), whereas a correct (usable) sertting like the one I try to save it all the time is by about a third of the fader path.

    If you can’t remember that state, maybe you can at least change the default after start to one third (10 cm from the object) to make it become usable?

  15. Shari says:

    BM is a really col app and has been very helpful to me visually impaired friend. But she has a big problem and we don’t know how to fix it. Please help!

    While she was using BM she got interrupted and her iphone 4 when too the lock screen ascend locked her out of her phone. BM has zoomed her lock screen so big she can’t find the keyboard to input her password. She can move BM a little but not enough to unzoom.

    Please help she is locked out of her phone bec of BM

    • Hm, that’s really strange! It doesn’t sound like BigMagnify could do something like that to the lock screen(Apple wouldn’t let us devs do anything like that). There must be something else wrong with the OS, maybe with the accessibility options?.

      I’d recommend that she do a hard reset on her phone by pressing and holding both the power and home buttons until it restarts. Hope that helps!

  16. shari says:

    Thank you so much for your quick response! We found out it was something with the iPhone. We took it to an AT&T store, and they fixed it quickly by tapping it a certain way, I think it was the built in zoom feature, not your BM. Thank you for creating something so helpful to so many people!!

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