Chill is a background noise generator that will help you relax and block out background noises with soothing sounds like:

  • Beach
  • City (traffic and chattering)
  • Crickets
  • Fire
  • Rainforest
  • Rain(Light and Heavy)
  • River
  • Thunderstorm
  • White noise
  • Wind

Chill is designed to have a simple user interface so you can relax more quickly.

Chill is available on Mac OS X and on iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc). Please keep the feedback coming so I can know what features to work on next!

View Chill in the iOS App Store

View Chill In Mac App Store

7 Responses to Chill

  1. Dominik says:


    Nice one! Well done and really helpful.
    A tool to add own sounds or more sounds would be cool.

  2. Alborozo says:

    Best £1.99 I ever spent. Total lifesaver. More effective than earplugs or music to block out outside noise and distractions. Love it.

  3. Sulu Ubnorry says:

    Thanks for offering Chill for for free for a limited time. I love it. However, I thought you might like to know that the version downloading from the Mac crApp sStore as of September 20, 6:34 AM Pacific Time is v. 1.2.2 instead of v. 1.3.0.

  4. Johannes says:

    Thank you for Chill, it really helps me to calm down and concentrate on my work.
    It seems that some of the new sounds are broadcasted on just one channel, the other channel is dead. They are not stereo which is quite distracting. These sounds are pier, shower, wind chimes and all of the noises. The other sounds are in stereo and doing well 🙂

  5. Hey Dave, I love Chill. Unfortunately, it’s the only non-Retina icon in my menu bar. Would you be open to me creating an icon for you @1x and @2x? Please let me know (email or Twitter). Thanks, Raphael

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